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Mame's Cane River Meat Pies

Mame's Cane River Meat Pies was created in the kitchen of Marie Roque, known by her grandchildren as "Mame".  Our family matriarch would hand-make meat pies by the dozen for the local Cane River Louisiana Community.  She loved cooking and from her kitchen often fed 10 or more people a day. Just know, if you were hungry, Mame's kitchen was always open. It is with that love and purpose, we continue to expand Mame's vision of making the best meat pie ever! Today, our meat pies are filled with quality meat, perfectly seasoned, and a taste that brings you right back to "Mame's" Kitchen. 



We continue to pay tribute to our beloved Mame as we build on her memory and make the most delicious Meat Pie you have ever tasted.

 Try our Meat Pies Today!!!

  • Original or Spicy Beef/Pork 

  • Original or SpicyTurkey

  • Special Order

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